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 Genre: Movie
Language: Hindi
Director:   Aditya Datt
Producer:   Viki Rajani, Sunil A Lulla
Rajeev Khandelwal
Tena Desae
Paresh Rawal

        Table No 21 is a suspense thriller movie. After living a mediocre life throughout the day, couple Vivaan and Siya are quite excited to go on a long trip vacation at Fiji, which they have won in a contest. The contest not only includes staying in a lavish hotel with grand suite, but also a generous lunch at one of the finest resorts in Suva, Fiji, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The excitement level of Vivaan Agasthi and Siya increases more when they meet the very charming, sophisticated and debonair Mr. Khan (Paresh Rawal) at the restaurant. At there, he offers them a fortunate chance to play a "Tell All Truth" game for a mindboggling jackpot prize of Rs. 21 crores. The rules of the game are quite simple: Answer 8 questions honestly, finish the allotted tasks, and the money is all yours. Vivaan and Siya happily and gladly agree to be a part of this live-game, as they were wishing to take their winnings to Mumbai and live the life they both have always dreamed of. The game now begins, where Vivaan and Siya are set off to make a big start of answering each question correctly, as well as finishing off the given assignments successfully. However, as soon as they were proceeding further, the questions and tasks were getting more and more personal. Each question sarcastically opens an important chapter of their lives. Eventually with all frustration, Vivaan and Siya had enough of this game and decide to quit the game. Well one very much important rule they forgot, which Khan reminds them on that moment that You can't quit, and if you lie, you die! As luck would have it, Tena by mistakenly uttered lie while playing the game. Now according to the rule - if you lie, you die - the couple is in the most dangerous situations ever faced in their life. A story called Table No 21. Watch the movie Table No 21 to find out more.
       Post By: Agha Wajahat Ali Khan
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